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Nantucket Tap Room Reservation Policies

Nantucket Tap Room 2024 Reservation Policies:


~We take reservations 30 days in advance.


~We accept reservations for parties of 1-6 online at or via the resy app. All parties over 6 people MUST EMAIL us at to inquire about availability. 


~Please make sure you have received a confirmation EMAIL from the ACK Tap Room via Resy - if you DID NOT receive an email, your reservation is NOT confirmed and not in our system. The only exception to this is if you have booked in person or over the phone, without an email attached to your reservation. and resy profile


~When booking online, you have a choice between INSIDE and OUTSIDE. In addition, we have a mix of both HIGH and LOW tables both inside and outside. ALL of our tables in “THE TENTED PATIO” are HIGH TOP BAR TABLES ONLY. ALL of our tables in “THE OPEN AIR PATIO” are low, regular dining height tables - but are WEATHER DEPENDANT.


~We REQUIRE credit cards to hold reservations for ALL PARTIES, regardless of size  THROUGH Stroll Weekend (12/1-12/5/22).


~There will be a $50 PER PERSON charge if you do not cancel WITHIN 6 hours of your reservation (if your reservation is at 6pm, you MUST cancel by 12noon to not be charged, etc) and you will be charged in full if you simply do not show up. 


~If you change your reservation to another day within that 6 hour period, we will usually waive the cancellation fee. 


~If you book OUTSIDE - we will do our best to accommodate you inside (or outside under our tent) in the case of inclement weather, BUT WE CANNOT GUARANTEE an inside or covered outside table at your desired time, as other guests may have chosen to specifically book a table inside. WE DO NOT CHARGE a cancellation fee if we cannot accommodate you inside during inclement weather or move your reservation to another day.


~For parties over 6, we require an email. A note attached to a reservation booked online looking to add one or two or three to a party over 6 IS NOT GUARANTEED or CONFIRMED, as it typically involves more than one table, which may not be available for your desired time.


~We only seat parties UP TO 10 guests at ONE TABLE - any parties over 10 will require additional table(s), which MAY NOT BE AVAILABLE for your desired time.


~We DO NOT take reservations for bar seats. Bar seats are available on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED basis.

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